Business Consulting specializing in professionally confidential targeted mergers and acquisitions in the small to mid-market range; exclusively in the Drug Testing/Employment Screening/Urgent Care and Occupational Health Industry.


AdMed provides consulting services for companies intending to grow by acquisition or companies planning on selling or merging their company with another.

Defining the Acquisition or Sale

Each acquisition or sale/merger needs to start with a clear understanding of the expected outcome. An "acquisition plan" or "sale/merger plan" will help define the potential "targets".

Finding the right "Targets"

Following the acquisition or sale/merger plan, AdMed will begin identifying "targets" that might meet your expected outcome. Marketing includes extensive email lists, direct mail, periodical advertising, web site advertising and industry trade shows.

Preliminary "Due Diligence"

Targets become prospects if they fit the "plan" and, after signing a "non- disclosure agreement" (NDA), and preliminary "due diligence" are approached for initial meetings.

Letter of Intent (LOI)

If a good "match" appears to exist, a Letter of Intent is either offered (if an acquisition) or invited (if selling/merging).

Due Diligence

Regardless of whether buying or selling/merging, it is imperative to have good and complete due diligence of the other party and its capabilities. We either work with your professionals (attorney, accountant, tax consultant) or recommend professionals we've used before who know and understand due diligence.


The closing and closing documents need to be professionally drafted by your attorney with input from your tax consultant and reviewed by us to make sure you, our client, are completely protected at all times. Our many years of experience in M&A often results in recommendations that are beneficial to our client.